2016 – WBTA Chairman’s Report

Chairman’s Report

 Dear Members,

Thank you very much for your support over the past 12 months in what has been an exceptional inaugural year, the WBTA has continued to deliver on all fronts throughout 2016 and I must say I am very pleased with the results that have been achieved by our executive for the benefit of all members.

We now have over 50 members and are in a strong position where we can continue to grow and allow you as our members the opportunity to be heard and have a say in shaping the business landscape within Wyndham.

This year we have forged strong relationships with key stakeholders and have worked very closely to achieve several objectives that were set by the executive throughout the course of the past 12 months.

Lighting up Station place, resurfacing Watton St, lobbying for increased Police presence, graffiti removal, extra car parking and business parking permits where several initiatives that our Advocacy team worked on throughout 2016.

Our Events team also worked tirelessly throughout 2016 with several signature events now firmly placed on the Wyndham calendar. Fashion parades held throughout the year have received rave reviews whilst also raising much need funds for local organisations. Winter – the festival was also held in the Werribee City Centre with a great turnout and greater expectations for 2017.

The WBTA was represented at the Barry Jones Oration, the Wyndham Harbour opening, Tourism Fest Workshop, a number of Destination Melbourne events, Multicultural Entrepreneur of The Year Awards, Main Street Australia conference and numerous other events throughout the year.

We also had the pleasure of having Peter Hudson, a well-respected and very successful local business man and Richard Ponsford from Western Melbourne Tourism present to our members.

This year the WBTA together with Wyndham City Council engaged the services of Metropolis to undertake Werribee City centre research, Red Crayon to work on branding and marketing strategies for the Werribee City Centre, whilst engaging the services of Nicole Maslin from Maznik Consulting to develop a business plan for our association which is now complete and available for all members.

The foundation has now been laid, so let’s all work together and ensure that 2017 is a year that benefits all members. Strength comes from a strong membership base, so please talk to your business neighbours and invite them to join our association as we forge the path for a Wyndham that we can be exceptionally proud of and mutually benefit from.

Nick Christou


Wyndham Business & Tourism Association