Small Business Roadmap for Recovery & Beyond: Workbook

Deloitte have created a workbook to drive small businesses through recovery and beyond.

About the Workbook

The outbreak of COVID-19 is continuing to cause disruptions for many small-to-medium businesses, and is fundamentally changing the way you do business, now and in the future. It can be overwhelming for business owners to keep up with the new laws, rules and regulations, let alone work out an action plan for your business. We see three phases that all resilient business owners must face to recover from the COVID-19 crisis:

No doubt many business owners have spent the last few weeks in Respond mode. Now is the time to turn your attention toward Recover, to ensure your business is ready to Thrive.

As the backbone of the Australian economy, it is imperative that our small businesses not only adjust and recover, but are also set up for success in the “new normal” future. Every decision made now, could impact a business’ ability to thrive in the future. This will require extraordinary flexibility, coordination, and resilience during what may be a protracted period of recovery.

That’s why Deloitte have created this workbook, taking some of the complexity out of the situation and giving small business some of the tools needed to drive your business through recovery and beyond.

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