Outdoor Trading & Dining Opportunities

As COVID-19 restrictions ease, Wyndham City is working with businesses to make it as easy as possible for operators to welcome people safely back to our city.

All Victorian businesses need a COVID-safe plan and will need to follow Victorian Government restrictions on how many people can be within a building and outdoor space.

There is a number of ways that businesses can start using or increase outdoor space to maximise the number of customers that they can serve.

Wyndham City has extended free Footpath Trading Permits to 31 August 2021 with fast-track review of applications to five business days.

It’s free to apply for new permits, make changes to existing permits such as new furniture and seating or work with your neighbours to expand your footpath trading area.

The Outdoor Dining and Trading for Wyndham Businesses Fact Sheet also explains options and opportunities.

Wyndham City is also providing additional options for businesses in town centres, shopping strips and main streets with the introduction of a new permit for Temporary Commercial Use of Public Space.

Visit for details.

**If you are looking for some outdoor dining solutions, Moreton Hire might be able to assist you. They supply outdoor temporary infrastructure – Click here to view their Outdoor Hospitality Look Book.