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EQ Leaders Pty Ltd Education & Training

66 - 84 Flinders StreetLittle RiverVIC3211emma@eqleaders.com.au0421 572 047

EQ Leaders are innovators in world-class experiential leadership and team development programs that leverage the power of leadership in nature.

Our leadership programs mirror challenges in the workplace through expertly designed activities with horses, allowing participants a safe space to practice what it feels like to lead differently.

The horses’ unique ability to reflect human behaviour allows our program participants to:

  • Build trust, strengthen relationships, enhance teamwork and collaboration
  • Better understanding of behavioural and communication styles
  • Create inclusive spaces where everyone is valued
  • Understand what it means and feels like to lead differently
  • Examine how you approach challenges
  • Learn to advance creative problem-solving skills
  • Identify individual and team strengths and how to best leverage them.