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Ngā Mātai Pūrua Inc Networking

ngaamaataipuurua@gmail.com+61 477 888 310

We are Ngā Mātai Pūrua Inc. (NMP) a community orientated, family-focussed Māori Performing Arts group. We share our culture through expressive entertainment, customs through information workshops and history through song and dance.

We follow teachings where our members strive towards physical, family, spiritual and mental well-being.

We encourage this in the community providing youth scholarships and inclusive cultural learning opportunities for anyone who wishes to contribute in the same way.

We love working with and learning from other diverse organizations, using the reciprocal sharing of culture as a solid foundation for future endeavours.

We are proudly based out of the Hoppers Crossing YRC.

We are looking forward to being a part of the Werribee Multicultural Business Landscape and would like to thank the WBTA for welcoming us with open arms.