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Pelligra & Citinova Professional Services

(03) 9357 2922

Pelligra & Citinova Pelligra is an established construction and development company with an extensive portfolio of successful commercial, industrial and multi-purpose projects across Australia and Asia.

After half a century of operation spanning three generations, the company continues to hold true to the values on which it was founded – integrity, respect, hard work, and holding itself to the highest standards. It is committed to remaining at the forefront of the industry through intelligence and insight, capability and adaptability, innovation and vision. Download our 2018 brochure www.pelligra.com

Citinova is an end-to-end developer in large scale commercial, industrial and residential property development projects. We operate independently to develop our own projects and then bring our learnings and expertise to our private investor partnerships. With excellence in mind, Citinova plans and implements property development and ownership strategies that are designed to maximise results. www.citinova.com.au