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12RND FITNESS Werribee Health & Wellbeing

19 Comben Drive
0431 344 162

12RND Fitness workouts are designed around a 12 round boxing contest. A 45 minute full body workout, combining functional strength & cardio exercises with boxing skills & drills – with a dynamic, new workout everyday. It’s fast, fun & never boring.

With a qualified trainer at every session, 12 rounds of high intensity exercises, members spend 3 minutes at each round completing multiple exercises within the round.

Because of our unique concept, there are no set class times, so you’ll never be late or miss a class again. With a new round starting every 3 minutes, simply roll up & start your workout on the next round.

It’s a fun, non intimidating environment, that provides a great workout for all ages & fitness levels.

12RND Fitness werribee would like to extend a one week free workout offer to all WBTA members & their families.

Our hours of operation are:
– Monday 6:00am–10:00am, 4:00pm–8:00pm
– Tuesday 6:00am–10:00am, 4:00pm–8:00 pm
– Wednesday 6:00am–10:00 am, 4:00pm–8:00pm
– Thursday 6:00am–10:00 am, 4:00pm–8:00 pm
– Friday 6:00am–10:00am, 4:00pm–8:00pm
– Saturday 7:00am–11:00am
– Sunday Closed (take the day off!)


Visit 19 Comben Drive or call 0431 344 162