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PO Box 150
0412 701 987

Werribee Hospital Foundation

Our mission is simple, since 1993 we work to ensure the City of Wyndham has the public
hospital services that our community needs.

We are here for you, the community. Those who use the hospital. Those who work at the
hospital. And those that one day hope to grow up and work in the medical field. We want to
keep families close to home, lessen the stress and ensure that they have the medical
infrastructure they deserve.

You never plan on getting sick or needing a hospital, but when you do, you want to know that
you are in the best hands with the best equipment and most talented medical staff to treat and
support you or your loved ones.

Working to compliment Government funding and The Mercy Foundation, Werribee Hospital
Foundation works in partnership with the community raising funds to ensure that Wyndham
has a high standard of facilities and care for patients in the Wyndham public hospital system.

To find out more about our impact or how you can get involved, please contact
Leanne Down – CEO Werribee Hospital Foundation 0412 701 987.

We work with you to ensure our hospital is the best it can be.